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chu know what? people in these days dont understand the word love anymore -.- like everyone tells everyone they like, that they love them. and who cares about love when you have a super hot boyfriend or girlfriend?? what the fuck is wrong with these people in this moment??? like, would most of the people with a bf or gf even care if she or he dies? NO. and actually there are more things i want to tell yew guyz, but i guess most of the people who aare going to read this, would think: wtf? like i dont have the friggin idea what that chicks talking bout!
and that could be someone who is the same as those people who dont understand Love! ..ok i dont really find the right words, so let me write this down this way.: like, i would die for my boyfriend, and he means the whole world... well more than that to me♥, well now you should know what truee love is!
and there are more people who are dumb: like people who say their bf/gf they love him/her and would do anything for her/him. or would die for him/her, but actually dont really love them. like they just think they love their bf/gf but actually dont. and in case a person like that would be reading this, that person would probably go like this: well i loooove my bf/gf, like were born for eachother!
hahhaaaaa liar!!
well theres more, but i guess yewr bored by now, motherfucker xP
you peobably had never found your true love ;P keep searching, youll never find the right person, as long as you dont understand love :P

and really quick: if you really fall in love woth a person, you usually shouldnt care ybout the age and gender!!!!
like, most people who understand love are usually gay, lesb. or bi. aka. almost every straight person doesnt understand love, and im very VERY mad bout that!!!!

k, gtg, bubyee

xoxo, Anna A.

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